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    Thai Workers to Arrive in Israel

    Thai Workers to Arrive in Israel

    The Foreign Ministry has forged an agreement with the Thai Labor Ministry to provide work permits for 1,200 Thai workers to immediately come to Israel to work in agriculture.

    The agreement requires the approval of both governments, officials say.

    Farmers in the Negev, who have been conducting a series of protests demanding more Thai workers to help them pick crops, said they would suspend further protests for the time being.

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    Well ain't that just fucking great.
    wonder whats going on in P.I., usually lots of fillipinos work in Israel, and must be half million Thai whores working in Bahrain and now with a lot of Thai going to Israel there pobly be more Israeli coming to Thailand.
    Now don't get me wrong, I like the Jews and respect them a great deal for what they have done and continue to do in their own country, and I think thats where they should stay, in their own country, as I do not want them being where I am nor around me here, If I wanted to be around Jews I would go there.

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    30-01-2013 @ 09:22 AM
    I was based in Israel in 2000 and there were a number of Thais on the nearest Kibbutz. They were the hardest workers I ever saw and got paid a fraction of what the western workers got. They were also seperated into their own little compound (men only) and pretty much not allowed to leave it. It took 1 years work just to pay off the flights/visa/admin cost. It was obviously back breaking labour in scorching heat for 14 hours a day. And they were laughing and good fun to be with. Even taught me the Thai for 'Big fanny, smelly fanny'.

    Had a lot of respect for them. The same as I do for female labourers on the building sites here. (although not in the same erotic way )

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