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    Thailand : No Recession in '09

    Thai rates can fall if economy slows chief

    BANGKOK, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Thai interest rates have room to ease if the Thai economy slows faster than expected because of international financial turmoil, Bank of Thailand Governor Tarisa Watanagase said on Friday.

    The Thai economy, however, is not expected to fall into recession in 2009, she said.

    The central bank will closely monitor the volatile baht, which fell against the dollar this week, but it will be kept in line with other Asian currencies, Tarisa told a news conference in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

    (Reporting by Kitiphong Thaichareon; Writing by Vithoon Amorn; Editing by Alan Raybould) . lw

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    Literally speaking, she is correct, as the Thai economy will 'fall' into recession in 2008 and is probably already in it...

    It will simply 'stay' in recession in 2009.

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