View Poll Results: Do you think the US bailout package is the best solution right now?

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    Poll: Is the bailout the best solution right now?

    Are you for it?

    Newt Gingrich talking on this to NPR. You have to click on the clip

    NPR Media Player
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattanaburi View Post
    Are you for it?
    I don't think it matters if a taxpayer is for it or not.

    It has to be done in some manner, according to virtually all economists.

    The working stiff, gets screwed again.

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    Do you think the US bailout package is the best solution right now?
    postponing the inevitable , carry on .................

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    30-07-2019 @ 03:47 AM
    Too few options for me to vote.
    do something? Yes.
    in the opaque and profligate manner proposed? No

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    Many european bankers and politicians, Germany and Switzerland especially, are very much against it, and there was certainly no similar package available for our 2 biggest Swiss Banks, UBS & Credit Suisse. The state may offer them some credit but to get a private enterprise out of their own shit by taxpayers money wouldn't do here. Before that happens the National Bank will offer securities for private banking accounts at these banks to prevent a bank-run.
    The proposed 700billion aid would certainly be much cheered at by the banking sector, but who doesn't cheer when he gets free money ?
    Of course I agree that overall economic wellbeing has to be considered, and I am not that much of an expert to propose a better policy myself.
    But a few principles have to be upheld in my humble opinion:
    -responsability/accountability: Both the financial sector at Wall Street and the republicans have implemented measures to deregulate banking and investment and have made huge profits. Now that it doesn't looks so bright they're crying for the help of government.
    -taxpayers first: It has to be carefully considered if the average citizen loses more with government support for these investment banks or without. Economic and fiscal calculations should be transparent and fair.
    -who's to blame?: It is difficult to negotiate policies to address this crisis if you don't know who's responsible for it with what measures/actions. So those who have been incorrect should not be at the front of proposing measures to amend it. Let external experts assess the situation and let the guilty take their share of responsability.
    my 2bht.

    edit: needless to say that UBS very much welcomed the US government measures, especially because they too can profit from it as a WS registred Inv Bank...

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    29-05-2019 @ 04:45 AM
    The best solution is to nationalise the banks and financial institutions in need of a bail-out (i.e shareholders loose everything), restructure the business and once the company is up and running profitably again under a new management, privatise it through an IPO.

    Not exactly rocket science.

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