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    Thai tycoon snaps up Sydney hotel

    Thai tycoon snaps up Sydney hotel
    St Petersburg News.Net
    Saturday 28th June, 2008

    TCC Land, owned by Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, is to fork out $76 million (USD 73 million) to buy a 4 star hotel and tavern in Sydney.

    TCC is believed to have exchanged contracts on the 230-room Novotel Rockford hotel and adjoining Pumphouse tavern in Darling Harbour, in Sydney.

    The deal is subject to Australia's FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) approval. The hotel will continue to be managed by the vendors under a management agreement, and a license agreement from Accor for the Novotel brand.

    According to Forbes magazine, which ranks Sirivadhanabhakdi as the 264th richest individual in the world with an estimated wealth of $3.4 billion, he is the son of a fried-mussel-pancake street vendor in Bangkok. Sirivadhanabhakdi made his fortune in whiskey and beer. His Chang Beer brand is Thailand's top seller. He also has his hand in hotels, and owns a chain of hotels in Thailand, along with the Plaza Athenees in New York City and Bangkok.

    Sirivadhanabhakdi recently announced he would no longer invest in Thailand due to the political uncertainty there.


    Sirivadhanabhakdi recently announced he would no longer invest in Thailand due to the political uncertainty there.

    hello , anybody listening ...................


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    The FIRB should adopt an equity policy for foriegners. You can buy in Oz if we can buy in your home country!

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    $40 million on deposit in an Australian bank with no interest to be refreshed every year with documents proving the funds were transferred from country of origin. Option to lease 1 rai of land for 30 years with back to back contracts not to exceed 30 years each. No citizenship granted via marriage.

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    Yer beer's shite ya dobber.

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    "Chinese" Thai snaps up another piece of farang whatever.

    "Fcuk" off you scum farang and leave Thailand for us "Chinese" Thai, but see the shit hit the fan if we scum farang stop the "Chinese" Thai from investing in our countries.

    Funny though Never met a true Thai that has invested in any property in Australia. Only the yellow ones.

    Same old story and I am sure we are all bored shitless about their double standards.

    Little non of us scum farang can do about it!

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