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    Thailand : Exports down in february and trade deficit

    from the blog world .................

    Exports down in february and trade deficit
    Published 20 March 2008

    First datas for exports in february.
    Thailand has posted trade deficit in two consecutive months, with the deficit of US$688.9 million in February, according to the Commerce Ministry.
    The ministry revealed on Thursday that in February, export value reached $12.99 billion, a 16.4 per cent increase from the same period last year.
    Import value in the month totalled $13.68 billion, up 33.1 per cent on year. (Nation)
    The details will be published on march 31.

    Already, we can say that february is bad. The year on year comparison (with february 2007) looks nice… But we have to look at the previous months, to find a trend.

    We need to go back to last july to find a total inferior to 13 billions USD… Is it the first sign that the thai exports are suffering ?

    Furthermore, let’s not forget the exchange rate issue !

    13 billions USD today have not exactly the same value than 1 year ago…

    In february 2007 we were at 35,80 THB for 1 USD… Against 32,50 last month…

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    crash is coming and should benefit farangs.

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    This is actually good news, that would release the pressure off the THB

    With all the expats moving here, imports are bound to increase, but also the pressure to the THB,

    maybe these are the first sign of a slow down in local products spending in favor to imports,

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    Like I said in the "offshore baht hits 11 year high" thread, I see a great opportunity to do some specialty importing..

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