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Thread: No VAT rise

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    No VAT rise

    No VAT rise
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    The Finance Ministry has submitted a package of -cutting measures to stem inflation. The centrepiece is another two-year freeze on the 7 per cent Value Added Tax, scheduled to rise later this year.

    The package also recommends increasing the waiver from 100,000 to 150,000 baht. That would make workers earning less than 20,000 per month exempt from paying income taxes. The current threshold is 16,000 baht per month.

    Economy ministry sources said the package would be presented to the public as an economic stimulus measure.


    nie on impossible to find an inflation figure for Thailand , though China is currently reporting 7% and one suspects Thailand is in the same ballpark .


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    Inflation in Thailand is running at about 10% IMO. The figure is masked by smoke and mirrors, along with the artifical government control of 'key' products.

    The paradox is that most sectors report downturns in volume terms. That paradox is called stagflation......

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