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    Farmers demand govt to solve debt problems

    Farmers demand govt to solve debt problems

    ( - More than 500 debt-ridden farmers rallied in front of headquarters of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives on Wednesday morning to demand the government to work on settling their debt problems.

    The farmers came from provinces including Ang Thong, Phetchaburi.

    They travelled to pressure the government in Bangkok to solve the debt problems with the Farmers Rehabilitation and Development Fund which they claimed they cannot solve themselves.

    They blocked two lanes of the Nakhon Sawan Road where the bank's headquarters is situated and tried to prevent bank staff from entering the office.
    They were scheduled to walk to the Government House to complain about their problems.

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    Dylan's ' Blowing in the Wind ' comes to mind ,

    it's frequent that we hear this call , followed by a mouthful of platitudes by whoever the current incumbent is ............

    till the next time .

    what surprises me is the patience of the partitioner's .

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