BANGKOK, 16th August 2019 (NNT) - Some people today might win prizes in the government lottery, while others face disappointment. But a new lottery product has been introduced by the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) where the lottery price paid will be saved, starting at 20 baht per month, with interest given.

BAAC President Apirom Sukprasert, revealed today the bank has introduced a new savings lotto product sold at 20 baht per ticket, which will be available for purchase from 19th August this year. The new lotto will serve as a savings account for the ticket purchaser, at up to 200,000 baht per round, with extra prizes awarded to lotto winners. Customers purchasing 200,000 baht tickets in each round will be guaranteed they will win the prize, and receive a 2,480 baht prize per round at the expiry of the ticket. An additional 0.5 percent interest rate will also be offered, making a 200,000 baht lotto tickets purchase resulting in 200,000 baht savings, plus 4,480 baht profit.

Some 6,000 existing and new customers have already registered to purchase the lotto tickets. The BAAC has allocated a 10 billion baht budget for 24-month lotto rounds, with the possibility of expansion should all the budget end up being spent.

The new savings lotto will come with special 2 million baht grand prize for winners in every round, and gold bar prizes for customers purchasing the lotto tickets in 6 consecutive rounds or more. Prize draws will be held on the 16th of every month, starting 16th September 2019. The new lotto tickets purchasing cycle starts on the 17th every month and ends at 11 p.m. on the 15th of the next month.

Interested customers must have a savings account with the BAAC, and can register their interest at any BAAC branches starting on 18th August. Savings lotto tickets can be purchased on the BAAC’s A-Mobile application, at 7-11 stores, Boon Term kiosks, and BAAC branches.

Lotto results will be announced every month on and via a radio broadcast on AM 891 KHz network, and can be inquired after, by calling *499222 on any mobile network, or using BAAC’s A-Mobile application. For more information, call BAAC’s call center 02-555-0555.

National News Bureau Of Thailand