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    Customs implements technology to ensure tax payments

    BANGKOK, 28 May 2019 (NNT) -The international trade sector is currently affected by the trade war between China and the US. Despite the tension, the Customs Department has managed to collect tax exceeding its targets in the first seven months of the 2019 fiscal year. The department is working on the implementation of technology to provide greater convenience for companies to pay tax or receive tax refunds.

    The Customs Departmentís Director General Krisada Chinavicharana revealed this week that the department has collected 354.124 billion baht in revenue from 1st October 2018 to 21st May 2019, an amount 6.1 percent higher than last year. The total is comprised of 60 million baht tax collected by the department itself or 18 percent of total revenue, and some 280 billion baht collected by other agencies. The amount collected is 6.27 billion baht higher than the target, as the department was able to collect more tax on the sale of sedan cars, and vans, as well as on onions, and garlic agricultural produce. The department however collected less tax than anticipated on guns, automobile chassis, and soybean meal products.

    The Customs Departmentís Principal Advisor on Customs Control Development, Chaiyut Kumkun said today that the department is working in compliance with the World Customs Organizationís guidelines to implement the World Trade Organizationís trade facilitation agreement, promoting the cooperation and integration of customs and other agencies related to goods imports and exports. The Customs Department has implemented the advance customs clearance system for imported items to help shorten the procedure, and is developing a system to facilitate international e-commerce businesses by providing access to the e-payment system for tax payments, and developing the value added tax (VAT) refund system for exporters, which would imitate the blockchain system to allow companies to receive their refunds sooner, making the system more efficient for international trade.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand

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    system more efficient? don't think so, not with hi tech toys like blockchains and monkeys operating them

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