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    Aprilís exports drop by 2.57%

    BANGKOK, 23 May 2019 (NNT) - The trade war between China and the United States has caused the value of the export sector of Thailand to decline in the period from March to April. However, the Ministry of Commerce is still confident that there are positive signs because Thai products tend to maintain their market share in the global market.

    Ms. Phimchanok Wonkhorphorn, Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy, said this week that Aprilís export value was a lower 18.55 billion US dollars, falling 2.57 percent for the second consecutive month after contracting 4.88 percent in March, due to the trade war between China and the United States which is causing the global economy to slow down. Although the United States market grew by 4.7 percent, exports to the Chinese market fell five percent. Despite the decline in the value of exports, there were positive signs from electronic products which fell only 8.24 percent in April from 17.10 percent in March, and products that were exported to the Chinese market in lesser volume, were exported to the ASEAN market in greater volume. Meanwhile, the export of agricultural products continued to expand especially seasonal fruit, fresh vegetables and canned food which grew as much as 62.30 percent. This suggests that Thailand can still maintain its market share in the global market.

    Imports in April amounted to 20.01 billion US dollars, down 0.72 percent, resulting in a trade deficit of 1.45 billion US dollars. However, in the overall picture of the first four months of this year, Thailand still enjoys a trade surplus of 549 million US dollars.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand

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    Massage shops doing a great job with those statistics. lol

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