BANGKOK, 25th September 2018 (NNT)-The Government Housing Bank (GHB) has announced its decision to maintain a loan interest rate at 3% until the end of this year to help more Thais buy their own homes.

GHB President Chatchai Sirilai said a 3% interest rate loan will be offered to low-income earners, whose monthly income must not exceed 25,000 baht, until the end of this year to help them buy their own homes under a loan scheme worth 50 billion baht. The monthly repayment rate will be at a maximum amount of 3,800 baht during the first 5 years.

The GHB has also launched another loan program worth 60 billion baht for property developers to build affordable homes for low-income earners. Since the beginning of this month, the GB has so far issued loans worth 154 billion baht to eligible individuals. The amount is expected to rise to 220 billion baht by the end of this year, higher than previously expected by 30 billion baht.

The GHB has also launched a mobile application ‘GHB ALL’ for smartphone users to check whether their loan applications have been approved. All financial undertakings related to the GHB can also be done on such an app which can be downloaded in November.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | GHB maintains loan interest rate at 3% for low-income earners buying homes