BANGKOK, 4th September 2018, (NNT) - EXIM Bank and the private sector have organized a seminar introducing investors to the opportunity to invest in the African continent.

The organizers are of the opinion that the investment seminar offers a chance for Thai investors to expand their businesses into new markets, while avoiding competition in Thailand.

EXIM Bank Executive Director and Secretary Pisit Serewiwattana, said today that Africa is an interesting business destination, having the second largest population in the World after Asia, with 40% of its people possessing high spending power. The continent has 54 nations on maritime routes linking the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Africa also has an abundance of human and natural resources.

Thai-African trade during the first seven months of this year has expanded 23%, but is only equivalent to 3% of the Kingdomís total export value. The bank executive also indicated that most of Thailandís African region investments are in Egypt and Mauritius which account for 4% of the Kingdomís total foreign investment value. Thailandís most important exports are rice, cars and car parts.

However, Director Pisit also pointed out the risks in the continent, such as local politics, reliance on local traders, and the risks in business transactions.

Nonetheless, the director said EXIM Bank is ready to provide advice to interested entrepreneurs. He also raised the importance of incorporating a safety mechanism for payment, having an analysis of trading partners, export insurance, and investment risk insurance.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | Seminar held to entice entrepreneurs to invest in Africa