BANGKOK, 15th August 2018 (NNT) – The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given an assurance that the present devaluation of the Turkish currency will not have an impact on Thailand’s investment funds.

Assistant Secretary-General of the SEC Nataya Niyamanusorn explained today that Thai investment funds have only 7 billion baht in Turkey, accounting for 0.15 percent of Thailand’s total invested funds. The investments are in the form of debt securities by two funds handled by two different securities firms. All of the securities and deposits are being held in the form of US Dollars and Euros and are protected against currency fluctuations.

Nataya assured the public that investors should not be overly worried about the developing situation in Turkey but should continue to monitor progress. She indicated investment firms in Turkey are tracking the situation and looking after the interests of their clients as is the SEC.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | SEC claims Turkish currency devaluation not affecting Thai investment funds