Two of the better banks operating in Thailand, Kasikornbank and Siam Commercial Bank, have listened to the wants of their customers and are removing the THB25-THB35 fees for transferring money to accounts at other banks via mobile and internet banking.

The fee removal comes into effect on Wednesday and will be helpful if you make lots of transfers each month. Heck, between paying rent, paying back your friend for that split bottle of wine, online shopping, bill paying, transferring money between your own accounts, and paying your mistress her monthly “salary,” you could start saving a few hundred baht each month.

Customers of Kasikorn and SCB can use the free transfer service via their applications or website. The fee free deal for Kasikorn is good through the end of 2018, while SCB’s fee removal has no ending date.

The city’s other large bank, Bangkok Bank, on the other hand, decided to do a major disservice for their clients recently by canceling their agreement with Visa and becoming an exclusive partner with…Unionpay. Meaning their debit cards and now accepted almost nowhere.