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    Central bank governor: Thai economy in upward trend

    BANGKOK, 15th March 2018 (NNT) - Bangkok Bank, in collaboration with Bualuang Securities, has organized a seminar on the Thai economy and investment perspectives for the year to provide useful information for investors.

    At the seminar, Bank of Thailand Governor Veeerathai Santiprabhob said the global economy is in transition to an upward trend, benefiting the Thai export sector. Last year, Thai products were exported to all markets and all industries. As for tourism, minor cities grew more popular among tourists, helping the Thai economy expand continuously, said the governor.

    However, the governor remarked that Thai economic growth did not reach the grassroots level, partly due to the agricultural product price intervention policy in the last 5-6 years and severe drought last year.

    Mr.Veerathai also mentioned economic problems related to the structure of the Thai population and the workers presence in the old service sector.

    The governor added that the central bank will continue to follow an expansionary monetary policy since the Thai economy is in a recovery mode. The country imported 20-billion baht's worth of capital goods, signaling investment expansion, he said.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | Central bank governor: Thai economy in upward trend

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    ....... so the only problems are an aging population and too many civil servants .......

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    Are we talking of the real economy or the manipulated and propped up elitist variety?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuangLao View Post
    Are we talking of the real
    a fantastic poser

    You would be the perfect poster to tell us mere portals if it's ineffable or "effable"

    As one of the unilluninated hoi polloi it is always helpful to receive

    new and interesting analysis

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