BANGKOK, 7th February 2018 (NNT) – Investors in Thailand are warned to keep a close eye on the US stock market and the outlook for global interest rates in order to efficiently make investments this year.

The Bank of Thailand’s Senior Director - Monetary Policy Group, Mr. Don Nakornthab said on Tuesday that, while the world economy has continued improving, global investor concerns remain and they have just been proven right by recent fluctuations in both the financial market and the capital market.

Mr. Don said that the root cause of such concerns could be the rise in the US minimum wage, which has led to an increase in inflation and signaled a future upward revision of the US benchmark interest rate.

These have been blamed on the recent decline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index, he stated.

However, Mr. Don pointed out that the market fall could be considered a good opportunity for investors.

Meanwhile, President of One Asset Management, Poj Harinsud added that this year’s investment outlook appears to be relatively-high risk, particularly in bond investment, while the financial and banking sector as well as the insurance sector appear more promising and look likely to offer high returns.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | Thailand to keep eye on US stock market and global interest rates