BANGKOK, 11 January 2018 (NNT) - The Government Housing Bank (GHBank) aims to offer up to 189 billion baht in loans to low-income earners through its government welfare program, starting from January 15th.

This year, GHBank President Chatchai Sirilai said the bank aims to extend up to 189 billion baht in credit, focusing on low-income citizens, state welfare cardholders, and civil servants. An initial sum will be released on January 15th.

Debtors who make no more than 25,000 baht per month will be given an annual interest rate of 2.75% for the first four years and civil servants 3.75% for the first four years. Those participating in the government's Pracharat housing program will also be eligible for the loans.

President Chatchai revealed that in 2017, the bank issued loans worth over 196 billion baht, an increase of 17.06% and exceeding its original target. Outstanding loans total over one trillion baht. Non-performing loans fell by 0.85% to 43.1 billion baht or 4.21%. Net profit reached 11.77 billion baht.

National News Bureau Of Thailand | GHBank to allocate 189 bn baht in loans to low-income citizens