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    A Success despite Obvious Incompetence

    ...the Mainland tsunami pushes AOT into record levels:

    World's Most-Valuable Airport Operator Is Now in Thailand

    Anuchit Nguyen and Lee Miller (Bloomberg)

    • International tourism powers growth at Bangkok, Phuket hubs
    • Shanghai International Airport a distant second in Asia

    After strong international tourist arrivals in 2017, Airports of Thailand Pcl surpassed Spain’s Aena SA as the world’s most-valuable airport services company.

    Powered by a 75 percent gain since May 1, the operator of Thailand’s main international airports also passed the 1 trillion baht ($31 billion) market capitalization mark, joining only state-controlled energy company PTT Pcl above that milestone. Shares of Airports of Thailand jumped 9.2 percent in December -- rallying for a 10th consecutive month -- as government data showed international tourists in November jumped 23 percent.

    The stock’s surge was by far the best performer in Bloomberg’s Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Top Peers gauge, with Shanghai International Airport Co. a distant second at 29 percent in the same period. Airports of Thailand gained 4.4 percent in the first two trading sessions of 2018.

    Even so, analysts aren’t convinced: their consensus forecast suggests share may fall 12 percent over the next 12 months. The stock has 14 buy recommendations, 10 hold and eight sell ratings.

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    And yet you will still read posts by the Farang fools who say Thailand is fooked and tourism is in decline.

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    in t' naughty lass
    5,408's the the EU that's fooked and in decline, and there's plenty of graphs about that for the ostrich-heads to ignore. The march of Asia continues unabated, maybe it shifts about a bit, but the growth is still like 10 times that of in Europe.
    Another industry I've noticed that's booming is the education industry many western universities and schools setting up shop all over Asia and adverts for staff that now look like offshore O&G salaries (an industry that's collapsed).
    Meanwhile, the UK news reported that applicants for teacher training collapsed last year (from 19000-ish down to 12000-odd), despite the government offering yet more financial incentives to train... could there be an exodus happening?

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    Could it be happening?

    It"s been happening for thirty years.

    Put your crystal ball back in mothballs.

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