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    DOE provides 31 million baht loans to working-from-home people

    BANGKOK, 14 November 2017 (NNT) The Department of Employment has approved 31 million baht in loans to some 300 groups of people who work from home and expectd some 123 million baht in revenue, said acting Department of Employment (DOE) Director-General Anurak Tossarat.

    He revealed the DOE has been providing financial support to those who work from home, given orders from their employers, such as manufacturing, assembling, packing, repairing, or processing items. That is provided in loan money to the registered workers who can exhibit their incomes from their home-based jobs.

    The loans are given to individual persons or groups of persons which are obliged to have a minimum of five members and a leader. Each individual borrower has a maximum credit of 50,000 baht, while each group has a maximum credit of 200,000 baht, all given a two-year repayment term and three percent annual interest.

    The DOE now has a database of 5,002 registered home-based workers and has so far approved some 31 million baht in loans which will generate some 123 million baht in revenue each year.

    Interested persons who wish to participate in this scheme can contact any local employment office, or call Hotline 1694.

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    Populism is alive and well, could be they've learned from Squarehead to give the people a few crumbs as you steal their pants.

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    The DOE now has a database of 5,002 registered home-based workers
    Tax man will be along shortly?

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