BANGKOK, 5th November 2017 (NNT) Employee layoffs in 2017 remain lower than 2016, with most layoffs occurring in the manufacturing and sales sectors, says an official.

Thailand's Department of Labour Protection and Welfare's acting Director-General, Ananchai Uthaipattanachep, said 357 workplaces had laid-off 6,204 employees between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2017, costing a total of 183.07 million baht in compensation.

Businesses with the highest layoff numbers are in the manufacturing and sales sectors with 41 percent, followed by document preparation, electronic appliances repair, communications and telecommunications, hotels, entertainment, general services, construction, transportation, security and domestic staff.

The statistics showed that businesses in the central region had the highest rate of worker layoffs.

The number of employees laid off in 2017 is, however, lower than that of 2016, despite the higher number of business closures, which is a positive trend.

The DLPW is watching out for businesses likely to layoff employees, including two companies in manufacturing and sales, and three in transportation sectors.

Companies laying off employees are required to provide employment termination compensation according to the law.