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    ENCON Fund approves eight billion baht for alternative energy projects

    BANGKOK, 8 September 2017 (NNT) The Energy Conservation Fund (ENCON Fund) has approved 8.45 billion baht in funding for energy saving and alternative energy projects.

    A meeting of the ENCON Fund chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister ACM Prajin Juntong had approved 8.45 billion baht in funding for fiscal 2018 for the operations to achieve the EEP 2015 energy conservation plan and the AEDP 2015 alternative energy development plan, which are expected to help the country cut down energy expenses by 8.44 billion baht each year.

    Deputy Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) Director General Em-orn Cheepsumol said the approved budget will finance projects on the promotion of energy conservation and the use of alternative energy, including the reduction of energy use among 7,000 high energy consuming factories and buildings.

    The meeting had expedited the issuance of standards for all buildings in the future, a review of 150 commercial buildings and the labeling of energy consumption efficiency at residential buildings as reference for house buyers. Certain appliances and household items such as cooking stoves, glass panels, motors, and house paints, will be given the energy-saving efficiency labels.

    Business owners, including SMEs, will be able to request for financial aid to upgrade equipment for more energy-efficient approaches. ENCON Fund will provide equipment- upgrading plans to public hospitals, and promote the use of alternative energy in areas requiring energy security and remote areas.

    ENCON Fund is aimed to support the use of energy storages at residential buildings, factories, and government offices, and to generate electricity from alternative energy sources by no less than 7.7 megawatt.

    National News Bureau Of Thailand | ENCON Fund approves eight billion baht for alternative energy projects

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    Let's see...20% of 8 billions = quite a lot!

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    Will move forward and develop only when and if such projects benefit the elite/ruling class.

    Such intentions are never for the good of the society and the commons.
    Ulterior motives should be suspect.

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