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    Thai executives' pay packets buy plenty

    Thai executives' pay packets buy plenty

    Thailand ranks eighth out of 47 in a new global survey of senior management salaries, according to a survey by the Hay Group, a multinational human resources and benefits consultancy.

    The survey is based on relative purchasing power and takes into consideration cost of living and taxation levels.

    The survey released yesterday shows that Thailand's executives have more real annual disposable income after tax than their peers in all but seven countries: Saudi Arabia (first place followed by the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and Ukraine). Singapore was in ninth position.

    The Hay Group survey said the findings highlighted the fact that emerging economies offered the best executive finance packages. At the same time, affluent western countries such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK and Canada all ranked 40th or below. The United States (24th), Australia (26th) and Japan (27th) were mid-table.

    The study used Hay Group's globally consistent data from its PayNet system, which shows the true purchasing power of managerial pay. PayNet allows meaningful comparisons to be made in all the 47 countries where the Hay Group operates.

    According to the Hay Group, Thailand's eighth-place ranking was consistent with its emerging market status.

    ''The continued growth of emerging markets such as Thailand is creating unprecedented demand for senior management talent,'' said Anotai Adulbhan, general manager of Hay Group Thailand. ''The talent shortage, plus premiums paid to managers in Thailand is simply inflating management pay.''

    However, Mr Adulbhan cautioned that Thailand's executives should not rush to pat themselves on the back.

    ''Compared to other countries, especially those in northern Europe, Thailand's executives have to put aside a much larger percentage of their disposable income for health care, retirement provision and children's education, much of which is paid for by the government in Europe,'' he said.

    Within Asia, Thailand was outdone only by Hong Kong which came third, with buying power equivalent to US$203,947 compared to Thailand's $147,547.

    The Hay Group survey says that pay rates for management have traditionally been high in Hong Kong _ sometimes more than a third higher than in other Asian cities such as Singapore. Management buying power in Hong Kong is enhanced by low rates of income tax.

    According to Hern Yin Goh, reward information services manager for Hay Group in Shanghai, China's rapid economic development was also reflected in annual disposable incomes averaging $126,281, placing the country 14th in the world pay table.

    Despite India's impressive economic development, managers in the country have buying power of just $92,750, which ranks India as 36th in the survey.

    ''India benefits from a large tier of well-educated, English-speaking local talent, making management pay more immune to the international market,'' said Mr Hern.

    ''However, managers' pay is increasing between 15% and 20% in India, so it is unlikely to stay near the bottom of the pay table for long,'' he said.
    On the Net: Hay Group PayNet: Public Start Page

    source: Bangkok Post 17.07.2007

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    Within Asia, Thailand was outdone only by Hong Kong which came third, with buying power equivalent to US$203,947 compared to Thailand's $147,547.
    all well and good, provided you dont travel o/s much.....

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    I always knew that efficiency equaled remuneration . . .


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