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    B43m swiped in online tax fraud


    B43m swiped in online tax fraud

    Red-faced tax officials yesterday acknowledged that a tax fraud syndicate resulted in fake claims of more than 43 million baht from the Revenue Department's highly touted online tax system. Ten separate syndicates were caught colluding with more than 10,000 individual taxpayers to defraud the department by lodging false tax returns.

    Sanit Rangnoi, the department's director-general, said his department and the Department of Special Investigation found that the offences related to tax claims filed online last year for 2005 returns.

    The fraud was only discovered after the department's computer system highlighted an abnormally high number of refund cheques sent to a common address.

    A review found that information about taxable income and deductions had been falsified to qualify for fraudulent refunds.

    Pol Col Yanaphon Youngyuen, director of the DSI's high-tech crime department, said the syndicates enlisted low-income factory workers to file tax returns.

    ''Despite the fact that these workers did not need to file personal tax returns due to their low incomes, the criminals deceived them by saying that the government had a special programme to refund taxes to the poor,'' he said.

    The syndicates persuaded the factory workers to provide their tax and national identification numbers to gain access to the online tax system. Each claimed a relatively small refund of less than 5,000 baht in order to avoid attracting scrutiny.

    Each worker in turn was to be paid 300 to 500 baht for participating.

    The syndicate leaders, as well as the participants themselves, face criminal charges of tax fraud punishable by jail sentences of up to three years and/or fines of up to 60,000 baht.
    The Revenue Department will offer an amnesty for workers who refund all money received from the false returns, since they had been duped into joining the scam.

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    Seems a bit embarrasing but nothing compared to the VAT "carousel" scam that the UK Inland Revenue had to admit to recently, that cost at lest 10Bn GBP

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    B42 million fraud and a fine of up to 60k baht

    How do I join ?

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