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    It's so nice to see and hear from people who have 'vision'. As I said in another post, I am one of those people not blessed with that gift. The only way that I can get an idea of how a colour will look, is to actually paint the area concerned, and hope that I have got it right, if not it's back to the paint store!

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    Righto, this thread is loooong overdue for an update. The reason I haven't to
    this point is that with the construction finished I was kinda figuring I'd do
    one last update once all the furniture etc was in place - i.e. it was totally finished.

    The problem with that though is that the furniture isn't in place.
    In actual fact it's taking almost as long as the bloody construction!
    Reason being is that we ordered custom made furniture and there
    has been lots of delays in getting the design(s) and material(s) right.

    So anyway, an update on where we are at now. Firstly the completed front entrance:

    This I'm really happy with. Unfortunately I couldn't get the right
    angle for the shot to also show the walkway (posted previously)
    but particularly once the pot plants start to grow in I think I'll
    be spending many an evening relaxing out here with a beer.
    Handily you can easily see the TV from here as well:

    A bit plain looking now but at least it's in its final resting place.
    We still have some pictures etc to go up that should complete it nicely.

    Next we have our new coffee table in the old lounge/living
    room (not sure what this is called now? The extra space is great though:

    Now the odd looking bowl shaped thing on the table is not a
    bowl at all. It's actually a lamp. This is one of the things that
    will go on the wall behind the TV. I know it looks odd but once
    on the wall it actually looks quite cool and funky - you'll have
    to take my word for it.

    You probably aren't thinking to yourself right now: 'So where
    are the cushions from the sofa!?'. Which is good, because then
    I don't have to explain that they are here:

    On the floor in the TV room (see previous complaint about delay
    in furniture).

    And I have at least managed to get out and do some shopping
    for ornaments etc for the shelves:

    The shelves on the other side are now being used as a de-facto
    bookshelf/display for photographs (I think I've posted a pic
    previously, can't check right now).

    Lastly another area that I'm really happy with:

    The grass is growing into the tiles much better than I'd expected
    it would. Probably not too surprising though given that it was individually
    planted. Here, in fact, is an action shot of it being done:

    Child labour, much more nimble fingers you see. Well it wasn't
    actually child labour, firstly we didn't pay the little tyke anything.
    This is our gardeners son... I think. Perhaps just some random
    kid from the moo-baan who wandered in, whatever one thing's for
    sure, he's pretty handy at planting grass!

    Anyways, final check-list to full completion:

    1. Furniture finished and delivered;
    2. Assorted pictures and lamps to go up (incl. on of those 'antique'
    GE fans, can;t wait, that'll be awesome!);
    3. Appropriate chair in TV room to be declared mine and off limits to
    all others on pain of death by selective organ removal.

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    Actually, while I'm at it...

    The new carport:

    Those stands you see in the foreground are going to have some more
    wooden planters on them.

    My outside bar/BBQ area:

    And the inside one with a couple of alcoholic cats (a man can
    never have too many bars!):

    Oh, and one of the neighbours came to visit yesterday.
    I wasn't home but my wife snapped this shot:

    Apparently he got on so well with our gardener that he took
    him home fof dinner or something. So that's ok then.

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    building costs in thailand

    Hi guys - been reading through a few of these really useful forums. I am looking to build a 10-20 cabana beach front mini-boutique resort in Koh Phangan, with a swimming pool and restaurant area. can anyone give me a guide on how much something like that might cost? i look forward to any replies/advice! Cheers!

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    errmm, why did you bump an ancient post to ask that question, Quam?

    try posting it in the normal construction thread

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