Descent into Chaos
May 3, 2011

Thailand’s 2010 Red Shirt Protests and the Government Crackdown

This report provides the most detailed account yet of violence and human rights abuses by both sides during and after massive protests in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand in 2010.

The report is based on 94 interviews with victims, witnesses, protesters, academics, journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders, parliament members, government officials, security personnel, police, and those who directly took part in various stages of the violence from both the government and the protester sides.

It documents deadly attacks by government security forces on protesters in key incidents and details abuses by armed elements, known as “Black Shirts,” associated with the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

The report also explains the background to the political crisis that led to the protests and continues to the present.

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ISBN: 1-56432-764-7

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