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    Oh, by the way -- Mr. Sabang, I kept a nice dish of crow warm for you. I figured it would be premature for me to eat it. (Thai finance chief lists poll criteria)

    Bon appétit.

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    ^ Korn, the finance minister. Along with Ahisit, Korn is one of the few guys in the government who I can respect- you might term him a technocrat. Ex Investment banker, done pretty well. Met the guy actually. Otoh, he's worryingly undemocratic- he was prominently pro-Yellow during their damaging protests, and now he's one of the first in line to start obfuscating about the Roadmap- something you'd expect more of the veteran scoundrels like Banharn and Suthep.

    Abhisit stated today that the decision was his alone, as PM. It seemed quite pointed to me- is young Korn trying a bit of back room politicking after the recent debacle? I wonder. This sort of intrigue is the norm in Thai politics, especially in faction ridden governments. Remember that the only Thai government ever to serve a full term was Khun Thaksin.

    As I've said, we'll just have to wait and see. Abhisit doesn't just have to watch the Reds, he also has to watch his back in the snakepit of Thai politics. Violence and civil insurrection are one thing, peaceful protests another- and no excuse for delaying implementing the Roadmap. As you can see here, several Red leaning people have absolutely no belief in the governments good faith. I can only say I hope they are wrong, but it may not be down to Khun Abhisit.
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    ^ met him...know him, can talk about his thoughts....nonsense.

    I will hazard a guess that I know him one hell of a lot better than you, and I certainly don't pretend to know what he is all about.

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    Chulasingh admits dropping Thaksin's charge
    October 11, 2013

    Former attorney general Chulasingh Vasantasingh on Friday said he was responsible for the prosecution decision to drop terrorism charge against the former prime minister.

    "I am responsible for not trying Thaksin Shinawatra," he said, testifying in a House subcommittee.

    Chulasingh justified his decision by saying that Thaksin's involvement in the 2010 political mayhem happened outside Thailand.

    The other reason was he believed even if Thaksin had not made the phone-in, protesters would still carry out their activities.

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