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    Quote Originally Posted by FarangRed
    You mean one of these? I could strip that down blindfolded when I was 15
    She looks a bit old for you at 15.

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    she wanted to polish my bayonet fag ash lil

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    Quote Originally Posted by ENT View Post
    Lovely gun, still based on the old LE #2 in profile of stock and mag size and angle.
    Less slope on the stock

    When I played with a .303 I cut the stock back too, and made it as light as I could, hollowed a cheek piece out and bored a hole through the stock also, knife and rasp etc. Tacked rubber tyre tubing on for padding.
    Still gave you a jolt, less so, arms better braced.
    Fired loads of them 303's

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    # Dherbeys and another photographer say soldiers opened fire again as ambulances tried to rescue wounded. 6 minutes ago via mobile web

    # Photographer Agnes Dherbeys was on the spot. Saw one man with possibly fatal head wound. 7 minutes ago via mobile web (Six pm deadline? Seh Daeng shot)

    Thai Protest Photos Earn a Capa Medal

    Her approach has earned Ms. Dherbeys, 34, the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award from the Overseas Press Club of America. The medal honors the “best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.” Ms. Dherbeys, a freelancer, was on assignment for The New York Times. “Her images are close-up, powerful and direct,” the citation said.
    She worked day and night, photographing clashes that saw antigovernment protesters both attacking soldiers as well as being attacked. Her images were an emotional rendering of the chaotic and dangerous scenes around her.

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