High risk of more coups in Thailand, study says
May 9, 2013

Thailand, which has experienced 18 successful coups since 1932, remains "high-risk" to more, the co-author of a new book on democratization in Asia said Thursday.

"The more coups in the past, the more likely coups will take place in the future, so Thailand is a high-risk, coup-prone country," said Aurel Croissant, a co-author of the recently published Democratization and Civilian Control in Asia.

The book ranked Thailand fifth worldwide in terms of the number of coups staged between 1946 and 2010. Ecuador came first, followed by Bolivia and Syria.

Speaking in Bangkok, Croissant said the three factors that made Thailand vulnerable to more coups included the lack of a strong civil society, legitimacy questions about the existing government and "a lot of coups in the past."

The seven countries researched for the book were Bangladesh,I ndonesia, Pakistan, Philippians, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.