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    24th Febury 1991

    Above: Bangkok Post, February 24, 1991

    It was 22 years ago this month when the 1991 coup took place.

    The coup occurred under cover of the first Iraq war (on the day the ground war began).

    While the rest of the world was distracted watching reports from Iraq, Thais were watching TV screens carrying a military logo.

    Taped confession aired to justify the takeover

    One of the most surreal aspects was seeing this confession of a plot to overthrow the monarchy aired on all TV channels.

    Junta says why coup necessary

    Rift over assassination probe was the catalyst

    The Nation front page: Power belongs to the people, nobody else

    Newswatch one of the victims of clampdown

    From 2005: Bloody Events Have Mixed Legacy

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    I was here, I have the Bangkok Posts (many of the pages were blank) in my attic in London.

    To think I thought it would be my one and only coup.....

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    Was here as well. Walking around Central Plaza waiting for the wife to get out of a meeting. All of a sudden the TV's switched to military music and all regular programming was gone. Told the wife when she got out of the meeting something was up. She thought I was nuts until we got home and turned on the TV.

    ITV also had the plugged pulled on them by the coup makers.

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    I was staying at the Dynasty Inn on Suk Soi 4. Here on holiday playing golf and raising cain. I remember watching the the CNN coverage of the air attack on Baghdad and then this happening. Bloody hell.

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