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    Anybody Sacked About Flooding ? Any Thai Complaining ?

    Anybody Sacked About Flooding ? Any Thai Complaining ?
    If Thai do not move this time I think that they deserve what happens


    I didn't read anything about flooding consequences ?

    Has anybody been sacked ? Anybody accused ?

    Do Thai complain ? It seems that they know how to demonstrate when they are paid to fight for the red shirts, so I wonder if they are going to demonstrate for free about the flooding ?

    If this time nobody is accused / punished and nothing change, I will start to think that all these nice people that I love just deserve all the shxt that happens to them...

    Really, who really expect that anything change if the population just remains quiet instead of burning houses of politics and decision makers that have not been flooded ?

    Just my idea :-)

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    I was not sacked but it was apparent to me that the flooding was effecting my job because I couldn't go to work.

    So I moved house.

    Then after 19 days of sleeping on the floor it was apparent that sleeping on the floor was effecting my work.

    So I moved home.

    I'm pretty happy now. Got my life and work back together.

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