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    Question Is This Second-Handed Fender Electric Guitar's Price Reasonable?

    I'm Taiwanese but currently studying in Thailand, Bangkok
    I live around the area of Samut Prakan, Srinakarin Rd.
    I'm looking for a Fender Standard Stratocaster made from America

    So far, I've already found a second-handed seller in Bangkok,
    he's selling me a 'Second-handed America Fender Standard Stratocaster made in the year around 1990
    he's selling me at the price of 26000 Baht including the guitar case.
    For any of you who's a guitarist or knows the pricing of guitars
    do you think this is a reasonable price?

    (NOTE: we're talking about the price in Bangkok here, because this same model selling in other area like the original place America, or any other Europe areas, of course the price would be a lot more less. So please judge on this 26000 Baht price based on and comparing to other used ones on sale in Thailand Bangkok only.)

    PS. this second-handed seller is introduced by a close friend of mine who's like the guitar legend in our school and he got most of his second-handed guitars and all sorts of gears from this same seller. my friend always keeps in touch with this second-handed seller, because he's trustable and sells real second-handed guitars that are in good condition.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out! THANK YOU =D

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    The price for second hand guitars in thailand is very high, i recently sold a gibson les paul COPY in isaan for 15000 baht, worth about 4000 baht in england. if it is a genuine strat and not a squire then the price is reasonable for thailand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy25
    he's selling me a 'Second-handed America Fender Standard Stratocaster made in the year around 1990
    he's selling me at the price of 26000 Baht including the guitar case.
    More knowlegable about basses but the following should help.......
    Yes, there are more fake USA made Fenders in BKK than real ones

    Establishing age:
    1) Check the serial number via the Fender web site, if it goes N720---- your close.
    2) Date/ Month of manufacture is also usually hand written in paint pen the cavity between the neck and the body BUT you have to take the neck off the body to see it!
    3) Dating of pots (the knobs) is a disassemble job best left to a tech - serial numbers there as well

    Only 2nd hand place I've seen in BKK tha tlooks legit is in the shopping mall on the Siam paragon side near the Ratchathewi BTS station

    Price wise
    Simple, look it up on Ebay and estimate the hassle and cost of shipping from the USA, the import duty then you have the figure!!
    The price seems OK to me if it is the real deal and the neck / truss rod is still OK

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