Hello again,

Still a relative newbie here. I finally booked our tickets for my wife and I's first-ever trip to Thailand next month.

The purpose of our visit is to get oriented with the country, see some sights (temples,etc), travel a bit (trip to Krabi/Phi-Phi), but also to "scout" out the possibility of moving there next year to attend school at RamKhamhaeng University.

We plan to visit the school, and would also like to see examples of potential living arrangements nearby.

Does anyone here know the most reputable realtors in the area of Bangkok near Ramkhamhaeng? English speaking is of course necessary, honest, fair, etc is good too. We'd like to arrange a day or two of looking at potential places to live next year, and having a good realtor to communicate with between this upcoming trip and next year's move would be nice.

Along with wanting something very close to the University, we'd also need a place with the following:

- allows pets! (we have a small Maltese we cannot leave behind)
- good air-conditioning
- good internet
- nearby good transportation
- security
- can get utility bills directly from companies---don't want "falang" prices decided by landlord
- hot water
- pre-furnished (beds, couch, chair, table, refrigerator, etc)
- if possible, be located on higher floor of building (to avoid critters--human & animal)

....and all of that for under $500/month USD, which comes to around 15k baht if my math is correct.

Any referrals for who to talk to on this would be greatly appreciated!