Bangkok Bars and Restaurants

Bus Stop Bar and Restaurant

I have had dinner a couple of times recently at Bus Stop.
I think that the weinerschnitzel and the fish and chips to be good value.
The food is as good there as it aways was. However I am unconvinced by the new structure.
I liked the old layout and was a regular patron.
I prefer to sit outside and watch the comings and goings.
Now it seems like the building is too big for the lot and the available space has ben squeezed up to the point i feel a little uncomfortable sitting there.

(Bus Stop)Bangkoks Bus Stop Bar and Restaurant more info here (Bus Stop)

Bangkok - Cheap Charlie Bar Sukhumvit Soi 11
Bangkok - Cheap Charlie Bar Sukhumvit Soi 11.

Well probably Soi 6, might have been Soi 8 but as we had been all over the place and lost everywhere and fined by the pigs I aint really sure,a word of warning here, DO NOT ALLOW KEN MAY to give directions, the odds are you will be arrested or fined.

Anyway this place is a bargain in Bangkok, 50 to 60baht per beer, they got signs up to warn you to move your stool if you are in the way of the traffic, they got so much junk in the bar you cant even see if there is anybody to serve, they even had this suction penis simulator there, it was a bit dusty so I didn't try it, shame random chances wasn't there he would have liked that I think

edited by me cos I don't know my way round Bangkok. It's on Soi 11.

(Bangkok - Cheap Charlie Bar Sukhumvit Soi 6)More info on Cheap Charlies Bar here (Bangkok - Cheap Charlie Bar Sukhumvit Soi 6)

Sin Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 4

Well, thanks to Mr Stickman I had the chance to go to Sin on Soi 4 with a 500 Baht food voucher. The roof restaurant is very pleasant. The evening breeze cooled things down nicely. This place would be a nice place to meet up with friends for a few drinkies or dinner.

(Sin - Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Bangkok))More info on Sin in Bangkok here (Sin - Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Bangkok))

Landmark Hotel Bangkok
The Landmark Hotel in Sukhumvit had a four for the price of two deal for their international dinner buffet in September. On Wednesday's, the buffet featured Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, and "Western" cuisine. For me, it was the perfect combination. Great food and the opportunity to save a few rupees. This is what Indian wet dreams are made of. Now with that pleasant image in your head, let's have a look at the food.

I didn't take a picture of the cream of mushroom soup and french bread that I started the evening with. Both were excellent. The outside of bread had just the right amount of crustiness and the center was nice and chewy. Perfect for dipping in the soup.

Next stop was the Japanese buffet for a few California rolls and some salmon. There were a lot of other items also available, but I rarely eat Japanese food so I don't know what they were.

(Landmark Hotel)More info on the Landmark Hotels buffet here (Landmark Hotel)

Tony Roma's BBQ
The smell of BBQ overwhelmed me as I was walking around Siam Paragon center in Bangkok; so I decided to give Tony Roma's BBQ a go.

Tony Romas at the Siam Paragon (Tony Roma's)

Dosa King Indian Food - Bangkok

Last night I needed a decent dose of Chicken Vindaloo at Mrs Balbirs in soi 11.

BUT IT WAS CLOSED!!!...just days after the Bangers hit it for their monthly curry lunch, than the joint has fallen apart..... marmite you dog, you have a lot to answer for!!! (unless it's always closed on Monday?)

Anyway, I decided to venture down to Dosa King at Soi 19 for a vegetarian fix (as opposed to having a carrot shoved up my arse).

Ordered the Regular masala Dosa which was excellent, but could have done with just a wee bit more filling.....

The Panneer Tikka sizzler was just excellent.

Topped it off with Saag Paneer and a garlic naan, which was excellent.

This place is definately still as good as it's reputation (I haven't eaten there for about 3 years), all they need now is some chicken and lamb on the menu!!!

(Dosa King - Soi 19 / What the **** did the Bangers do to Mrs Balbir??)Indian food in Bangkok more info here (Dosa King - Soi 19 / What the **** did the Bangers do to Mrs Balbir??)

The AfterWork Bar - Bangkok
My regular place of entertainment is The AfterWork bar on the corner of Soi 19 opposite the westin hotel and upstairs over the CountryRoad Bar.

Now, don't confuse it with Marmite's favourite place when he just wants to nick in for a quick one, the AfterSkool Bar on soi Cowboy.

The venue is primarily a haven for afficienados of 9-ball or pool but it has a pleasant atmosphere with great staff and a fairly friendly bunch of punters turning up most nights.
The girls don't bug you for lady drinks or bar fines, the drinks are reasonably priced and there's food available at good prices.

(The AfterWork Bar)More info about the After Work Bar here (The AfterWork Bar)

Indian Hut - Bangkok
After many people had recommended this Indian restaurant on Suriwong opposite the Manhora Hotel I decided to give it a try.
Conclusion. It wasn't really worth the effort of finding it.

It would appear that I am in the minority as when we entered the place was full to the rafters mainly with Indians. so i dont think that they wil be worrying about not having my custom.

Restaurant looks nice- with an upmarket feel lots of white including tablecloths whcih is not so good for me with my table maners.
Menu aside from its Jain specialities didn't look too different from any north indian restaurant.

Dining with a Thai who had never before eaten Indian I was not too adventurous in my selections
Padi chaat and samosa to start.
Samosa were poor - too much dry pastry, although my guest enjoyed them. and the chaat was quite disappointing- far too much yoghurt for my liking almost souplike with potato pieces whcih were far to big.

For the main course we had safrron rice - very nice. Why can i not get rice like this in a Thai restaurant where I almost always neeed a knife to cut it. Here each grain was independent of the other and he rice felt quite light.
The Murgh Aloo tasted fine but could have been spicier but the sauce was very thick.
We both enjoyed the Bhindi Masala but for me it was simply because it had been sometime since i had last eaten it.
The potato stuffed paratha was very good. Actually they stuff parathas with manyb things at this restaurant- nice.

Service was fine and friendly.
No alcohol the bill was 800+ baht.

Oh and before I forget the portions were large- too large if eating alone but they will give you a doggy bag if asked.

Still looking for that great Indian restuarant at a resonable price.

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Wally's Japanese Restaurant Guide
Japanese cuisine is the finest in the world, in my opinion. Many dishes are suited to western tastes, but given that the Japanese are perfectionists, every thing is simply cooked to perfection - and presented so beautifully, it's almost a shame to it eat. Each dish is a piece of art.
I eat Japanese food quite often, and if you are looking for a place to eat it, then I hope this thread can help you..

Otooya is the name of one of the best Japanese restaurants chains in BKK, and the one i frequent is at the J-Avenue complex in Thonglor Soi 13 (Sukhimvit 55). Otooya use only organic vegetables, and you can get a set lunch or dinner for 150 - 250baths similar the the one in the picture above. It's always crowed with japanese customers, so be prepared to wait a little while to get in..night time prices are the same..

(Wally's Japanese Restaurant Guide)Everything you need to Know about Japanese Restaurants in Bangkok is here (Wally's Japanese Restaurant Guide)

Gullivers has Beer Lao
Since i was in the area killing time before I meet someone I decided to head off to soi 3/1 to by some under the table duty free Marlboros (don't tell RDN!!) I thought I'd take refuge in the airconditioned comfort of Gullivers Mega pub on soi 5.

To my delight I find they are selling Beer Lao, arguably Asia's finest lager.
80 Baht for a bottle means it's not the joy to behold in Vientianne but it makes a great change from the local poison if only for an afternoon.

Earlier I popped into the DownUnder bar and took advantage of happy hour and had a Chinese beer Tsingshao which was very drinkable not to mention cheap.

I don't really feel comfortable plugging Gullivers as its not my kind of place, admitedly I took a maiden from here last week, but i don't generally come here.
It's a huge bar for Bangkok and the place isn't laid out well IMO. Usually the crap music is too fucking loud to have a sensible conversation with the woman of your next hour and you can't see everyone at the bar which I find disconcerting, yep, that maybe a hangover from the BeerGarden.
The totty on show are most often pretty but the hunt for the big paycheck and can be a bit of a hit and miss I've found.

The clientele seem to be a mix of sex-tourists (nowt wrong with that!) and the local well heeled, or so they'd have you believe, expats. Usually Brits and their down under cousins. Lots of white shirts and ties or smelly siglets and tatoos.
I've noticed the expats are by and large older gents and I'll bet you'll see them at a few of Pat's executive hobnobs and prolly cranking out a class or two at the British Council and AUA.

(Gullivers has Beer Lao)Gullivers Bangkok (Gullivers has Beer Lao)

Suan Lum Beer Garden
Suan Lum Night Bazaar near Lumphini Park has a really good beer gerden with a great selection of draught beers. There's a big canvas roof that slides open when it starts to rain, which is a damn fine idea, too. I've been there a few times, but last week I actually remembered to take a camera (although I forgot to take lots of photos).

(Suan Lum Beer Garden)Beer Gardens of Bangkok (Suan Lum Beer Garden)

The Huntsman Pub Landmark Hotel
A wee while back I went to the Huntman's to meet up with my old mate MeMock and enjoy a bonza lunch (aparently).

I have spent a few very happy Sunday afternoons taking advantage of their half-price deals (Heneken only 70B a bottle!!), but today it was cola for me as I had rugby training later in the day.

(The Huntsman Pub @ The Landmark Hotel)Huntsman Pub and The Landmark Hotel in Bangkok (The Huntsman Pub @ The Landmark Hotel)

Eden Club
Soi 7/1, as most of you are well aware, is home to the infamous 'Eden Club'.
A true den of iniquity if there ever was one.
Openly advertising as nowt more than a brothel and run by a Frenchman, the Eden Club has gained a reputation that money can't buy.
I'm to lazy to put in the 'bangkoktonite forum pages dedicated to the place but if you want a 'special' time while in Bangers, Eden is the place to go!

(Sukhumvit soi 7/1)Eden Club and some other Bangkok Places here (Sukhumvit soi 7/1)

The Barbican, Soi Thaniya, Silom
I fancied a change from Sukhumvit, so me and GoW headed off to Silom to visit one of my favourite pubs in Bangkok, the Barbican.

For some reason they didn't have their outside lights turned on when I took this picture. Maybe one of Taksin's loonies has had a word with Khum Somchart, the Barbican's affable GM.

(The Barbican, Soi Thaniya, Silom)More on the Barbican here (The Barbican, Soi Thaniya, Silom)

Tenderloins Bar & Grill in Suk 33
Brad, the big aussie who has a number of bars in Sukhumvit Soi 33, has just opened Tenderloins Bar & Grill where the pizza place used to be. It's about opposite Wall Street bar, so it's on the LHS walking away from Sukhumvit road.

I've been a couple of times and have been impressed with the meals both times.
Steaks start at 350 baht including choice of mashed spud or chips, vege or salad and a number of sauces.
Beer is 120 baht for a pint of heinie and the water and bread basket is free.

Bill for two was 1015 baht, which has to make it one of the more reasonable places in bangkok to eat decent steak.

I went again last night and the place was chocker, with lots of people just there drinking, so obviously the drinks prices are competitive with the pubs in the area, like the Londoner and the Bulls Arse.

Interesting that in the same week as they opened another restaurant opened across the road, but it's a Peking Duck style place..never anyone in there.

Oh, tenderloins have what must be the least imformative website one could ever visit at ::Welcome to Tenderloins Bar & Grill::

(Tenderloins Bar & Grill in Suk 33)More here on Steak Dishes in Bangkok (Tenderloins Bar & Grill in Suk 33)

Erotica Nana plaza
Went for a drinky at Nana last night and stopped by a newish bar 'Erotica' on the second floor.

I think Wally and Marmers would like this one.

Lot's of school girls being very naughty.....well not that naughty.
Would you believe some girls were dancing with nothing on!

I was shocked........................................... the price of a beer!

(Erotica Nana plaza)Nana Plaza (Erotica Nana plaza)

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