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Thread: Prasart Museum

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    Prasart Museum

    A quick search of TD archives suggests this place is due for a trip report .

    So perhaps some of our Bkk members may oblige ?

    The entrance gate to the Prasart Museum in Bangkok was built by Prasart Vongsakul, a real estate tycoon turned collector and gardener who has spent several decades compiling the collection.

    It took our cabdriver two calls on his mobile phone before he was able to navigate Bangkok's traffic jungle a half-dozen miles east of downtown.

    He dropped us off on the side of a street that had evidently once been a quiet country lane, but over the past decade had become absorbed by the suburbs.

    Entering a nondescript gate we emerged into a six-acre compound of languorous gardens and ponds surrounding ancient temples and pagodas — an urban Angkor Wat whose exotic setting could have been painted by Gauguin.

    If You Go

    Bangkok museum

    Call the Prasart Museum for an appointment (66-2379-3601).

    Admission is 500 baht ($16).

    It's located at 9 Krung Thep Kreetha, Soi 4A

    Travel | Bangkok museum is an unexpected oasis | Seattle Times Newspaper

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    At 500 baht they are quite proud of the place

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    Sounds very interesting. Even for a purple it be worth a visit. When I do the report I'll submit the bill to DD.

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