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    Super Giant Asia Tour 2011 : Muang Thong Thani complex

    All the fun of the fair
    Pattarawadee Saengmanee

    Visitors to Super Giant Asia Tour 2011 can expect some heart-stopping - and tummy-dropping - moments

    As darkness falls over the Muang Thong Thani complex to Bangkok's north, shrieks of delight seem to be bouncing off the water in the large lake.

    They're coming from the hundreds of excited youngsters who have flocked to 40-rai park known as Lakeside to be part of the Super Giant Asia Tour 2011, a travelling carnival that offers extreme rides, fun attractions and much more besides.

    Brought to Thailand by ILaunch BCR at a cost of around Bt240 million, the fair, which continues through May 29, features more than 30 world-standard attractions from the US, Sweden, Britain and Australia.

    Visitors can enjoy a whole new experience in the 4D theatre of XD Hollywood Adventure, a Sensory Ride 4D simulator and the CarnEvil 3D haunted house with the latest 3D technology for spine tingling thrills and spooky moments in the dark.

    Just about every corner is filled with game booths - 40 of them in all - offering punters the chance to win such prizes as licenced toys and dolls by Disney. You can also sit the kids down ringside at the circus, let them be enthralled by a fancy parade and watch acrobatic shows by entertainers from America as well as from home, while teens enjoy mini-concerts by well known artists.

    "We want to build a town that brings together extreme attractions from Europe and America under the concept of a carnival. We are also offering a range of very popular rides and we guarantee their safety. They are controlled by highly skilled international staff," says ILaunch BCR's managing director Boonperm Intanapasat. "This carnival offers a variety of attractions and activities, so it's perfect for both families and youngsters. We're on an Asian tour and we're also planning on stopping in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia soon."

    Behind a towering and glittering archway, visitors are greeted by the Freak Out, an exciting pendulum-shaped ride that swings you 270 degrees. We explore space with the colourful Dubai Bounce ride that hops through the air and gives you a good bounce throughout the two-minute tour.

    Nearby is the highest attraction, the Mega Drop, which takes you up 65 metres in the air in a lift-like contraption. It delights the eyes with a beautiful view of the city before giving you an adrenaline rush - and throwing your stomach in the air - by shooting back down at 100kph.

    Youngsters scream as they ride the Raganok, a small roller coaster that swoops up and down a long track.

    For the very brave, there's the Reverse Bungee, which launches you high in the air and shakes you all about before lowering you back to the launch position. It's not cheap though - one ride will set you back Bt400.

    Inspired by a scene from "Tokyo Drift", we're in a car that's twisting, swinging and moving forward on the Breakdance platform. From there, we move on shaky legs to Ali Baba's magic carpet and soon we feel as though we're flying through the sky as our gondola takes us in a complete circle. The Sudden Impact ride has much the same appeal.

    Those who prefer something lighter in feel and slower in speed should head to the soaring Super Giant Wheel and enjoy the scenes unfolding below. A little more exciting is a cruise with the River Jungle Log Flume.

    Kids have plenty of their own rides too, ranging from Flying Chair, Land Train, Formula, Mini Miami, Paddle Boat, Rodeo Bull, Runaway Train, Dance House and quad bikes.

    Families will love the dozens of game booths like Star Darts, Goblets, Roller Ball, Hook a Fish, Hook a Bag, Ring Toss, Milk Churn, Spin a Wheel, Rebound, Blockbuster, Bucket Toss, Big Mouth, Shooting Star and Roll Down. Games start at Bt100 and you'll need to stop off at one of the counters to exchange your cash for tokens.

    The footsore and hungry can rest at one of the many stalls serving food, snacks and beverages from McDonald's, Mister Donut, Tom n Toms Coffee, Auntie Anne's and Morgen by Ez's.
    -On weekdays the Super Giant Asia Tour is open from 4 to 11pm and there's no admission charge. On weekends it's open from 2pm to midnight and costs Bt100 for adults and Bt50 for children.

    -Tickets for the rides cost Bt450 for adults and Bt250 for children, but the prices are discounted to Bt199 for women and students on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Buy in advance from

    - Find out more at

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    Thanks for that info,i am going home in a few days was wondering where to take my son for a day out.

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    thank you for the link !

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    I think if they'd called it Mega Super Giant Asia tour it would sound more impressive.

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    Brings back memories for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mid
    Tickets for the rides cost Bt450 for adults and Bt250 for children, but the prices are discounted to Bt199 for women and students on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    Nbit steep, nearly 10 quid a ride.

    No special pricing for Thais ?
    That's nice to see

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    Super Giant: Fueled by Fun
    Nida Tunsuttiwong
    4 May 2011

    Super Giant, one of the world's best known touring carnivals, is currently offering members of the public the chance to experience some extreme rides from Australia, Sweden and the US, along with lots of other exciting attractions at a 40-rai (6.4-hectare) site in Muang Thong Thani, as part of its Asia Tour 2011.

    Due to some delayed shipments, caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that recently struck Japan, the theme park had to wait until 21 April before finally opening its doors to the public. The Thailand leg of the Super Giant Asia Tour 2011 will come to a close on 29 May.

    Adrenaline Buzz

    As the name suggests, Super Giant provides visitors with a huge variety of thrilling rides and other fun-fueled activities. The touring carnival is set around the lakeside area at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani in Nonthaburi province.

    Near the entrance is a 35-meter-tall attraction called Extreme, which, while resembling a swing, also spins riders around. The 65-meter-tall Drop Tower provides riders with a spectacular view of the lake area and nearby skyscrapers before hurtling back down to earth at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. For a rather gentler ride, hop aboard the Super Giant Wheel, a 40-meter-tall ferris wheel.

    After queuing up at the Ragnarok roller coaster, I found myself with three other people in a circular passenger car. After gradually making its way up the rails, the rather relaxing experience soon gives way to a heightened sense of excitement as the vehicle speeds up and begins spinning round furiously.

    3D 'Plus, Plus'

    Back on terra firma, there are plenty of other fun activities to get involved in, as I discovered in a carnival-style tent, which includes several 4D theaters. 4D theaters combine interactive 3D film with moving seats, bursts of wind and other physical effects that synchronize perfectly with the footage. The movies provide a 'first person' perspective and, on this occasion, I got to experience a roller-coaster ride that passes through snowy terrain and a prehistoric landscape, featuring dinosaurs.

    Two other rides that were attracting a good deal of interest during my visit to Super Giant were the Sudden Impact (see photo, right) and Ali Baba. While they differ markedly in terms of appearance, these two rides use similar methods to get riders' adrenalin pumping.

    Seated in rows of seats in front of crowds of visitors, first you're spun around in a complete circle. Every now and again, the ride comes to a halt for a brief moment on reaching its apex, allowing riders to take a deep breath before dropping at high speed, resulting in a chorus of screams.

    Shoot to Thrill

    If you're still not screaming by now, head towards the back of the park and queue up for a reverse bungee ride called Power Shot, or try Breakdance (see photo, left), which I would suggest is like a hardcore version of the all-time classic, Spinning Cups.

    There are also numerous booths located towards the back of the park, which provide visitors with a range of challenging tasks. At one stall you have to knock things down with a ball, while at another it's a case of trying to get a ring to land cleanly around an upright. If you're reasonably successful, you'll leave with a doll, whereas if you 'win big', you'll win yourself a bigger doll. While I found I quickly spent quite a bit of money in this area, I really enjoyed watching folks trying to rise to the challenge and leaving with dolls or other prizes under their arms (and smiles on their faces).

    But what I liked most about Super Giant is that there are plenty of 'mini' versions of the exciting main rides, which are suitable for younger children. If they're impressed by Breakdance, for example, they can try out Cups 'n' Saucers, while if they like the look of Ali Baba, they can try out Mini Miami, which is a scaled-down version of the same ride.

    In addition to the high-profile rides, Super Giant also offers rather gentler activities for kids, too, including paddle boats and canoes, ensuring that there's truly 'something for everyone'.

    Weekday Savings

    While it costs 100 baht (US$3.33) per adult and 50 baht for children (smaller than 110 centimeters) to enter Super Giant on Saturday or Sunday, if you get the chance to visit on a weekday, you'll be able to enjoy free entry.

    Another interesting option is the Super Giant Super Save Package, which costs 450 baht for an adult and 250 baht for a child. This entitles holders of this pass to unlimited rides during their visit. Women and students can purchase the same package on Mondays and Wednesdays for just 199 baht.

    If you don't go for the Super Giant Super Save Package, it should be noted that you will need to purchase tokens at 25 baht per piece, which can then be spent on rides. The number of tokens required varies from ride to ride.

    For further information, contact Tel: +66 (0)2 833 5555, visit the operator's official website at SUPERGIANT , or head for the operator's Facebook page at สวนสนุก Super Giant : สวนสนุกยักษ์บุกเ ื[at]งไทย | Facebook. You can also purchase tickets for Super Giant in advance by visiting Total Reservation.

    Transport Connections:

    Car: From Victory Monument, take the Sirat Expressway to Muang Thong Thani and come off at the Muang Thong Thani exit. The entrance to the Super Giant theme park will become immediately apparent.

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