My mother had previously stayed at the Richmond hotel and told me how nice the food was so as last Friday was my birthday we decided by way of a change to give it a try. The buffet is promoted as being international and runs at 470 baht a head including soft drinks ( toddlers free ). Bottles of wine from 1000 to 3000 or a 500 baht corkage charge ( pity about that )
The dining area is just beyond the very nice and spacious lobby and when we arrived at 7.00 p.m. a Thai singer was going unobtrusively through her set accompanied by a piano.

There were not too many other diners which was nice so we had plenty of choice as to tables and didn't have to que around the buffet. On offer was the following :

A sushi and sashimi bar
A salad bar
A pasta selection ( including spag bol of course )
Half a dozen tureens of Thai food
Half a dozen tureens of western dishes, including vegetables
A grill with fillets of beef , pork, chicken, lamb, fish and squid , done to order
A couple of homemade soups
A dessert section with several choices of Thai knoms, cake or ice cream.

Considering that whenever we go out its always to a non air conditioned Thai restaurant the Richmond buffet was a nice change from the norm. The selection of food wasn't vast but was more than enough to keep everyone happy and the quality whilst not outstanding was nontheless good.
Particularly tasty was the mushroom soup , the salmon sashimi , the german sausage with a sort of saurkraut garnish and the sauted potatoes and herbs. Didn't try the Thai food but the girls said it was o.k.

Total bill for 4 including a 3 Heinekens came to 1900 baht. Not too bad.
My friend had previously tried the buffet at the Windor Hotel Sukhumvit which on account of being a lot busier has a much larger selection although it runs at around 1200 + a head. In the end you can only eat so much so 470 a reasonable price.

The rooms at the hotel are around 2500 a night and on the 5th floor ( shaded by the floor above ) is a very nice pool , fitness club and sauna.

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