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    New clean hotel naer Laos Embassy Bangkok N Near TescoLotus Care Fore

    Could anyone recommend a clean newish place to stay with aircon hot water fridge and preferably bathtub walking distance to the Laos embassy please??? (700 to 900baht)
    Being a Pakistani i cannot get visa at the border so need to apply in advance in Bangkok.

    Second request any newish clean hotel around 700 to 900 baht next to or walking distance from TescoLotus and Carre fore (which opposite each other) I think on Rama 4.
    Feel free to reply me on clcihe61[at]
    Many thanks

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    Honey house 2 is about 5 minute walk from there,its on soi 22.
    A little nearer try along Setthi Thawi sap there are some new hotels along that road near the end.That road is near to Rama iv then honey house but not much difference.
    Setthi Thawi is off of Soi 22 google it for reference location.

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