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    Getting from Ladprao/Ramkamhaeng Uni to Sathorn by boat?


    My partner studies at Ramkamhaeng Uni, and lives nearby on Ladprao 122, but has a new job across the city, near the Saphan Taksin pier (a long commute I know, but that can be normal for Bangkok residents).

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the canal network to get from Ladprao 122 (where there's a small pier) to Saphan Taksin, and if so, is this quicker than taking a bus and the skytrain. Thanks!

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    I think you'd have to do boat and then skytrain.

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    ^ Nope

    Get the boat to Asoke pier, Get the MRT to Silom station, then get the BTS Sala Daeng to Saphan Taksin station.

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