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It's only my eldest (10 Years). My other 2 just went along for the ride as we had no one to look after them. Anyways it's all down to my daughter herself rather than us as parents. Okay we finance her music lessons but it was her who wanted to be entered into the audition. She asked her mother to do a home vid of her singing after she came across a request on the net for children to enter a talent contest. I just thought it as a scam in getting us to pay a fee.
They never asked for any money and after they'd received her vid she was asked to attend an audition in BKK. She and the missus went and I looked after the other 2. Obviously she passed the audition and went on to sing on the show in the vid. The vid was shown on TV on Saturday night. By Sunday morning she'd received over 200 requests as a friend on 'Farcebook'. So she's happy.
Never underestimate the worth of supportive parenting mate. She is talented, versatile and bi lingual. That in itself reflect well on the way she has been raised.
Kids don’t look that happy by accident so take some credit for that.