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    Last April I went to Rama 9 hospital Dentist with broken lower molar. Took xrays and who I thought was the dentist told me I would need to see the oral surgeon. Make another appointment to see oral surgeon. Two weeks later they take more x rays even though i had them 2 weeks previously. Surgeon says either pulling it out or have a root canal are the only viable options and will need at least four visits for root canal.
    Went back to oz went to dentist and dentist rebuilt the broken tooth (x rays again of course). Took one hour now everything hunky dory. Last september same problem on the other side. Waited until I got back to Oz and had rebuilt by same Dentist. No problem.
    Only problem is I now glow in the dark.

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    ^Really? Yikes!

    I also have a hole/broken part in my lower molar due to eatin popcorn. The dentists were able to just fill it as a cavity, but I've let it go and it has gotten worse as I often grind my teeth at night. Now, I often get food stuck in it and i'd imagine any day i'll be in lots of pain and need a root canal. Deciding if I should do the xrays and stuff here... it'll cost me a fortune here though as I'm not covered under dental.

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