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    Quote Originally Posted by terry57 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Slick View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainNemo
    You know what, you replied to me, and so I replied back, and you started talking about which was a better city to live in, that wasn't to do with the OP either, was it?
    If you don't like having conversations on forums, then why are you here?!
    He's clearly from TVF where a common tactic is to go off topic for a bit then flip it like "WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH THE OP!!??"

    Makes them feel like they "won" somehow and usually a mod (of the faggot variety) will come and delete shit.

    Posters who do this fukin shit me.

    Like this shit house is so important one must stick rigidly to the topic or the Filth will ban ya.
    Well you only offer unhelpful nonsense. I wouldn't live in Singapore if I didn't make at least $15,000 a month. That is simply a fact.

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    smeggles is trying to troll with 2 nicks at once

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    Baldrick is trying to use 2 braincells at once.

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    The real Smeg can't afford to live in either city. His recent posts are proof of that.

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    Those wide open spaces in McDonalds must be beckoning.

    Was Henrie the black paramedic?

    Or was that steam?

    And why did they both drone on tediously about 'roidraging robbo'?

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