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    Samut Prakan Wat Bang Phli Yai residents angry at Abbot

    Abbot accused of abusing his authority


    Samut Prakan _ Angry residents yesterday demanded the expulsion of an abbot in Bang Phli district, accusing him of abusing his position by mismanaging temple affairs and donations. About 100 people gathered inside Wat Bang Phli Yai to denounce Phra Kru Sophonthammanukul, resulting in 30 police being sent to ensure peace and order.

    The abbot is accused of using a large sum of public donations on construction work at the temple without consulting other monks.

    The villagers said the monk had built a new low-emissions crematorium and was demanding a lot of money, up to one million baht, from families of the deceased to use it.

    Worawan Noo-ngarm, a fish vendor at the temple, denounced the abbot's conduct, as unbecoming of a monk.

    She spoke through a loud hailer.

    Vice-abbot Phra Kru Serm and another 66-year-old monk said the abbot seldom took part in routine prayers or trained new monks.

    Samut Prakan governor Anuwat Metheevibulvut said that talks between representatives of the protesters and the abbot had been held in the presence of the director of the Office of Buddhism in Samut Prakan, Pranom Khongpikul, and some district officials.

    The abbot was asked to explain in detail how the temple money was spent.
    The abbot's explanation would be forwarded to the chief of the Provincial Sangha Committee, which would decide his future.

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    Abbots can do no wrong... Yeah right. Monks with ladies on the side, monks yabba dealing, monks molesting. Seems worse than the Catholic Church!

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    They're only human.

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