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    Bangkok Tha Chang

    On the internet Tha Chang Market gets some really great reviews, got to admit it makes me wonder if these people have actually ever gone to Tha Chang Market or am I wandering round with my eyes closed, I admit there is a market there right next to Tha Chang Pier, but to refer to it as a great or even good market is going over the top a bit, yes it has food stalls, clothing stalls and some other things, but for markets your better off spending the 3 baht boat fare and going across the river to Wanglang Market, now that is a market. Also Chang Market closes at like 7pm which is a bit too early I reckon.

    Wanglang Market (Bangkok Markets)

    Anyway back to the pier, Chang Pier is the closest to the Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha and other major tourist attractions, so if your using the river you will most likely end up there, also most of the river boats and express boats stop at Tha Chang so its a good starting point or even a mid way point for going else where.

    The Tha Chang Pier, yes it is night time, 7pm and most of the market is closed, get back to Wanglang where things are just kicking off for another wild night of marketing

    Ticket counters for catching the boats, don't think I saw a ticket price over 30 baht, so river travel is really the cheapest way to travel in Bangkok, plus stress free, ie no traffic jams.

    The Grand Palace
    Home of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew Home of the Emerald Buddha)

    For outside dinning with a nice river view you also have the Navy Club there amongst other restaurants on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, obviously the market is great for cheap eats and has quite a selection, but for a treat the Navy Club is the place to go.

    The Navy Club Restaurant (Wayne Kerr's Restaurant Reviews)

    The market at Tha Chang, junk clothing units.

    I like these little Chinese shops, they have loads of weird stuff that other shops don't carry.

    Chicken soup, not my cup of tea I am afraid, probably a side dish, ie a chicken drumstick in some soup, had plenty of other food on the table to choose from though.

    Now this little restaurant was packed solid, they probably rented 3 spots with the kitchen taking up one of them, the other 2 spots were packed with tables that were packed with customers, obviously a good cook with a large following.

    Plus signs with prices on are always a good idea, still hasn't really caught on in a big way in Thailand yet, would have thought even the Thai people would appreciate knowing the prices of things before ordering them.

    Last but not least, one of the little Sois leading away from the market, where the market people live, thought it looked quite good and an insight into how they live.

    Thonburi and Local Area Tourist Attractions

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    One of your best threads,I often go there when in Bangkok its busy yet away from the huge tradffic feels more like old Chinatowns in S Francisco,Kowloon and Singapore before designer Mals and Starbucks spread,Nice fotos considering the light .What camera did you use?

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    Personally I love markets, everywhere I have travelled I always try and find markets. It's great to explore and find things you don't see elsewhere. Also a good snapshot on local life.

    I've live in Bangkok for nearly 6 years now and have been to a lot of markets. In fact I was in Sanam Leung 2 on the weekend.

    In your opinion, what are the best markets in Bangkok?


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    Outstanding report! I found Tha Chang market by accident when exploring the river via ferry. I wanted to jump off and explore at each pier, but each time I got back on the boat, I had to pay a new fare again

    I am another huge fan of traditional Thai markets, and I have discovered heaps of interesting ones dotted around in strange places in Bangkok. Anyone remember the old Penang/Black/Thieves market that used to be down the road from Khlong Toey market? That was probably my all time favourite, other than Chatuchak in the 1980s and 1990s.

    My current favourite market is the little amulet market just South of Chatuchak... very atmospheric, and quite nice situated beside a small khlong.

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