Still in Bangkok and a visit to the Princess Mothers Memorial Garden was in order, you can get there by river boat, get off at the Memorial Bridge Pier, or of course road, there is also a small market area here, Somdet Chao Phraya Market if you need to do a shopping stop.

In the Princess Mothers Memorial Garden or Suan Somdet Ya which is the shortened Thai name is a reproduction of the royal mother's childhood home, as well as two exhibition halls showing memorabilia of the princess and the royal family, Note, you are not allowed to take photos inside the house.

The entrance doesn't look too bad, although there are probably more entrances to the memorial, could have turned the fountain on though for the picture.

Lots of sala seating areas and of course other shaded areas to sit and waste the day away.

Some nice garden decorations, lots of the gardens have a jungle theme, suppose open lawns in this sun and heat isn't the most popular idea for thai people.

Old but nice, I like the look when the render comes off the red brick walls, gives lots of character, maybe a bit of climbing ivy would add to it.

Not sure what this is, some golden coloured killer plant or insect? Bit tacky anyway to say the least, maybe the kids put it there...

Watch out for those snakes, bet they love this jungle type walkway

The lady herself Srinagarindra viewing her domain.

King Taksin Memorial out front protecting the place with his sword and horse.

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