Supposedly on Sundays this is the biggest Amulet market in Bangkok, could well be I suppose but during the week there are still plenty of amulet and Buddha image stalls and shops to make a wander through Mahathat Market worthwhile.

So lets get on a river boat and travel to Mahathat Pier, this pier is generally for Mahathat Temple which of course is quite famous but a bit boring.

Our boat from Wanglang pier to Mahathat pier, just across the river and 10baht or less per person.

The Mahathat market is set out over several Sois, on Sundays it extends in a big way onto Phra That Road, so if your looking to win the lottery, become bullet proof, become the greatest lover in the world, then this is the place for you, not only do they sell amulets, but they have an extremely large range of Buddha images, talisman, lucky charms and even traditional medicines.

Some of the more usual small Buddha Statues.

A lot of the stalls and shops in Mahathat market do have no photo signs, so have to be a bit careful of that, although chopping your arm off with a big axe to take your camera isn't a very good Buddhist concept it is better just to be abit careful.

Think everybody in Thailand owns one of these, we have several dotted around our place, don't seem to do a lot though and we never won the lottery.

Probably would do better with one of these big boy ones, they got to bring in lots of lottery wins and women, either order will do.

And of course not forgetting the boxes and boxes of amulets that are available.