Bangkok National Theatre is next door to The National Museum on Na Phra That Road.

Nice, typical Thai granite sign outside announcing to the world it is The National Theatre.

Really isn't a lot to say about this place, aint no Shakespere here you know, last theatre I went to had Rodd Hull and Emu in it, I was very young at the time

So I got the blurb from the internet.

The theatre features performances of khon, a Thai mask dance drama, on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month, at 13.30 and 17.00 hours. And on the last Friday of every month at 17.00 hours, Sisuk Nattakam Group of the Fine Arts Department stages lakhon, another type of Thai classical dance drama.

Interested persons please call to check the current programme. Information Tel. 0 2224 1342 or 0 2221 8191

The building itself is quite nice.

Don't buildings with paint on them look really good, certainly stands out in dirty places like Bangkok, civic pride boys, show some pride in your country, pick your rubbish up and paint those dirty grey buildings.

Oh to be a hiso Thai and the highlight of my life being driven to the National Theatre, something all Hiso's Thais aspire to, I doubt.