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    Bangkok Noi Museum

    They call it the Bangkok Noi Museum, we would call it a few displays set up in a school, but lets not get petty about this as it is free, the school is next to Wat Suwannaram Temple and is called Suwannaram School.

    The museum consists of some photos of times gone by and has displays showing products made by craftsmen such as Buddha images, bronze bowls, wooden products, stone mortar and pestles, so basically a look into the past and the way things were.

    Suwannaram Temple (Bangkok Wat Suwannaram Temple)

    The swordsmith worked here, heating the steel and hammering the blades, hot dirty hard work, not a fun job I should imagine.

    The bronze bowl man, again probably extremely hard work and damn hot, bet they got a good price for their products in the old days.

    In Thailand there is always a large demand for Buddha statues, he was probably the richest man in the village the man who made the Buddha statues.

    I can see brass and wooden Buddha statues, also some others I am not sure of.

    Hand carved wooden statue, doubt many are made this way nowadays, oh well, thats moving forward I suppose.

    Some fruit made out of wood? Maybe a vegetable?

    Looks like lunch on the table, is that really a lump of steak?

    One of the photos from the Bangkok Noi Museum.

    Bangkok Noi Museum is open Wednesdays to Sundays 9am to 4pm, there is no entry charge.

    Thonburi Tourist Attractions

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    Some fruit made out of wood? Maybe a vegetable?
    Looks like Bael Fruit (used for making fruit tea)

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