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    Bangkok Flower Market - Pak Khlong Talat

    Pak Khlong Talat is supposedly the biggest flower market in Bangkok, as this is the only one I have been to and likely to go to we shall have to take that as a fact, got to admit I'm not much into cut Thai flowers, not much variation amongst them all, for every 50 marigold stalls there might be a couple doing say roses, got to admit the prices are good though, roses are 50baht a bunch at the market, in Pattaya 120baht for the same size bunch, obviously all brought down from Chiang Mai etc.

    As you can see in this video most of the pathway is taken up with cut flower stalls, the road has plenty of traffic which makes wandering round the market quite an adventure, or pain in the arse depending on your attitude, get run over, fall down an open drain, trip over a misplaced paving slab, yep plenty of choices.

    Late night and early morning is when it is busiest as the flower shops and those that make up flower things for Buddha garlands get there then to buy their stock, the market also leads onto a normal market which sells food, jeans, t shirts and other clothing items, even has a couplke of artists that will draw your portrait for a small fee.

    Marigolds, after seeing millions of them you will become a bit bored of them, but hell, the Thais love them.

    Jasmine, boxes and boxes of Jasmine on ice.

    Some normal Thai cut flowers, got to admit I didn't see any plants or orchids that you could stick in your garden, seems to be only cut flowers here.

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    If one wishes to see variety then they should take to the side streets not just meander along the main sidewalks.

    The Chiang Mai flower stalls are better with greater variety in my experience.

    A couple blocks from the Bangkok flower area is the famous Wat Po. If you haven't visited yet, make a note to do so.

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