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    Best Option for Luggage Storage in Bangkok?

    Hi. Anyone know how much it costs to store luggage at Bangkok Airport? Besides storing it at the airport any other better/cheaper options that you would recommend?

    Currently living in China but will be making a trip home (Los Angeles) in the Fall/Winter with a 2-3 week stop over in Bangkok. Would rather not carry around all my luggage (will be bring back a lot of stuff from USA) during my stay in Bangkok/Thailand.



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    I would call some of the motels around the airport and ask them, some of these hotels have park/ride services or packages where you sleep there the night before, leave your car and they take you to the airport. Can't see why they would not store luggage for you, airports have done away with lockers and services like that for security reasons.

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    according to the website
    Left Luggage | Suvarnabhumi Airport | New Bangkok Airport Guide
    there is but
    perhaps it not up to date

    There are 2 left luggage counters at the Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Level 2 - Arrivals

    The Left Luggage Counter is located on the Level 2 (Arrivals) - near the escalator - behind EXIT 4 area.

    Level 4 - Departures

    The Left Luggage Counter is located on the Level 4 (Departures) - near the entrance of Entrance 4.

    Storage charges:

    - Each item deposited will be charged at the rate of THB 100.00 per 24-hour period.

    - Items stored for over 24 hours will be charged at a rate of THB 50.00 per 12-hour period (any part of the 12 hour will be charged at THB 50.00).

    - If the items are deposited for more than 3 months (92 days), the charge per 24-hour period will be THB 200.00 per item.

    - Any deposits not collected within 6 months (180 days) will become the property of the depository.

    NO jewelry, watches, antiques, gold, cash, credit cards, perishable goods, fragile articles, electric appliances, mobile phone, shaver, CD player, MP3 player, portable computer, camera (film or digital) or VDO camera accepted.

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    Many hotels will keep it for you. I know they will at the Rompo Mansion where I normaly stay whilst in bkk.

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    100 baht/day per item of luggage (or 200 baht for over 3 months) is quite expensive -- you can rent a studio apartment in the suburbs (no aircon) for not much more.

    There is a foreign-run self-storage company on Rama IV road, but I won't link to their website since they don't provide prices online (if they want to be sneaky like that, they don't deserve a reference).

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