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    Smile Chinese Visa in Bangkok

    Downloaded the application from their website: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Royal Thai

    Simple to complete,, but take care at section 3.6.
    I had not completed this as I have no other family members alive. This caused a certain amount of confusing with the young lady who was processing my form. In the end, after trying to convince her that "yes there are people who have no family members in this world" it was decided that NIL in all boxes would suffice.

    I took along the completed app.B required as I am not a native of Thailand, copy of Ret Visa and extra photo........all of which were returned as not required!!!!!! but as this is Thailand I would still take them.

    Submitted at 10.15 and collected my passport with visa at 15.10 this afternoon...cost 2,250 Baht for 1 day rush service.

    The visa app. centre is 50 mts down Soi 3, Ratchadapisake not park on the road opposite the enrace (the wall surrounding the Embassy). Even though there are no signs etc, it will, and I know this from personnel experience cost you 500 baht to have your wheel unclamped

    In the afternoon I used the MRT...10 mins from Lumpini, with a 5 min walk at the other end. Hope it helps.

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    Thank you for posting this, I want to go to China when school ends in March but all the other threads on the visa were old. Have a nice trip. Do they still charge Americans double the price of anyone else?

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    also if interested
    getting a Chinese visa in Vientien, Lao
    is very very easy
    will need a tuk tuk or bike to get there though
    from the centre.

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